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Have you ever secretly wondered about having a facelift but didn’t want surgery, pain or the expense?  Have you ever bounced back and forth between wanting to love and embrace your face and then wanting to cover up or give in and get “some work done”? Do you have skin discolouration, age spots or scarring on your face?

What if there was a fun, easier way to get the lift and the changes you’re looking for?

Access Consciousness® is a modality that has created many tools & techniques that “empower you and your body to know that you know” and to change anything that’s not working in your body and your life.

The Access Energetic Facelift® is one of these techniques that activates over 32 energies to work together simultaneously to flow through your entire body, creating a relaxing, rejuvenating space that permeates your body on a cellular level. Many participants have seen noticeable results after just one session, and continued sessions (10-20) can create an irreversible change that will amaze you! This process can reverse the aging, discolouration, scar tissue, and texture of the skin, and add a luminous glow.

This process is totally natural and non-invasive. This work is radically different and can create miracles if you’re willing to have them!

What is involved in an Access Energetic Facelift®?

You will receive gentle touch to your chest, neck, face and head while lying down on a massage table in relaxed clothing.  10-20 sessions will support lasting, effective change.

1:1 Session
Receive a 1:1 Facelift session with Juna Guetter or a special package of 10 sessions

$150 single session
$1200 for 10

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Take a Class
Take the 4 hour class and learn how to do this for yourself or your clients, family and friends.

In this class you will

  • learn the skills and tools to give an Access Energetic Facelift, so you can add this to your existing aesthetic business, or to activate this process on yourself, friends and clients.

  • receive a manual with step-by-step instructions with pictures that’s easy to follow

  • give one session and receive one session during this 4 hour class!

  • receive Access verbal processing to unlock you and your body from points of views you have about getting older, wrinkles, vitality and so much more!

  • receive a Certificate of Completion

It’s like a spa day for you PLUS learning something NEW!

Participants of this class are saying that their spirits are lifted, their skin tone is brighter, they feel relaxed in their whole body, their tummies are tighter, and “everything feels lifted.” After a series of 10-20 sessions, some even say they are taller or that their neck and shoulder posture has changed for the better!  Others notice their buttocks are firmer and lifted too!

There are no prerequisites for this class. No previous experience necessary.

What if learning something new was more like remembering what you had forgotten and what if that were so easy and fun?

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