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Hi! We’re Juna & Sabine

As individuals, we’ve been working in the fields of coaching, healing and facilitation for over 30 years… and together we’ve been offering our services through Synergy In Motion since 2006.

All of our combined personal and professional experience flows into empowering you to break through emotional and mental barriers, embrace your differences and live true to you and your purpose with integrity.

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I popped on here to say how grateful I am to have had you both along for this incredible and wild ride….Your energy of contribution has been an inspiration, fuel and encouragement on this journey of remembrance and awakening. You’ve been a harbour when the storm has felt harsh and also a mountain to look out from when the wind has settled. I am truly excited and you’ve been part of me looking upon life with fresh eyes. Thank you.

Amy H. - Ontario
Showroom Manager

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Get the support, inspiration and guidance to live your magic in everyday life. In your time, your way.

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A 1:1 coaching program. You’re ready for a breakthrough… it’s just around the corner… but how to get there?
Dive deep with the two of us and you.



A 6 month group course for Creatives and Entrepreneurs seeking alignment with who they truly are and what they came here to do.

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