3 Little Words Your Partner is Waiting to Hear

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Health & Well Being, Relationships

Who is your most intimate partner in life?

Who wakes up with you every morning and goes to bed with you every night?

Who helps you take out the trash, cook, clean, dine, drive you around, dance and celebrate?

Your body!!!!

And what are those 3 little words that your most intimate partner is waiting to hear from you?


Perhaps because you’ve always had a body, you “forget” you have one!

Perhaps because it’s as close as the nose on your face, you miss it!

What if the beginning of a really great communion with your most intimate partner in living is to deeply, madly, truly, for real, be grateful for and acknowledge your body for being with you through thick and thin, no matter what?

Is now the time to say those 3 little words your body’s been waiting to hear from you?