Thirty five years ago when I was a young mom at age 22, and pregnant with my second child, I never thought THIS would happen.

To be sure, I’d had crazy doctors before, like the naturopath who predicted my uterus would “explode” (his word) and I’d be barren if I didn’t take his “extract of beef uterus”pills. To add to the weirdness, he also told me all my problems would go away if I got married.

But that was nothing compared to what my new prenatal doc told me at this initial visit! When I mentioned I was going to have a home birth and asked him how he would he support me along the way, guess what he said? Spitting vitriol, he accused me of committing one of the “earliest and most harmful forms of child abuse there is” if I were to go through with a home birth. 

Well, you can imagine how that sat with me, a hormonal 22 year old, thrilled that my uterus hadn’t exploded yet, over-the-moon that I’d gotten married and conceived a second baby… and then being accused of child abuse because my baby would be (lovingly) born at home? FURY with FEAR roiled within. Wasn’t giving birth a natural experience? Haven’t women been giving birth for millennia… before there were hospitals? Grrrrr!

Why am I telling you this?

I only mention this because I know that you too, have likely encountered similar responses from well-meaning doctors, health professionals and family members whose point of view of bodies differed vastly from yours. What’s important is that you stay strong in what your body knows, NOT what others tell you is the right way. These notions from doctors and families are born out of deeply held beliefs about bodies that are likely unconscious and unexamined. Sometimes they can be examined beliefs that are true for them, but impelled upon you as the Truth that’s not true for you.

Indeed I’m sure you can come up with hundreds of examples of how our society feels about bodies. About women’s bodies in particular. Furthermore, I’d like you to notice how our relationship with our bodies has been mostly filled with struggle, shame, hatred, ignorance, striving and force. You might also start to notice in daily conversations, how much the topic turns to bodies?

Who’s sick?

What’s wrong?

What are you taking for that issue?

Where can I get a glass of wine?

Oh, crap, I didn’t work out like I said I would.

Shit, I ate too much.

Gotta go extra hard on the treadmill tomorrow.

I didn’t get enough sleep.

Our bodies have become our best excuse “not to” rather than the best reason to celebrate living!

I dream of the days when it’s normal to gather together and laugh and play and dance. Where we tell stories of how great we feel about our strong, beautiful and capable bodies. Where people enjoy food and sex rather than using it to punish themselves/others or to prove they’re pathetic or noble. I imagine a day when all people can tune into their body’s wisdom and trust it. When will we allow the body to be the body? What would it take for all beings to simply and profoundly enjoy their bodies?

A New Beginning With Your Body is one of Synergy In Motion’s online 3 week signature classes that addresses exactly this!

What we need is a brand new beginning with our bodies because what we’ve been doing isn’t working. What if the only diet/exercise program you’ll ever need is the “Listen-to-your-body” diet? Your body is the expert on your body. But have you ever really taken the time or the interest to ask and follow what your body knows? If you did, what would change?

You and your body are designed for communion. There’s huge potential for harmony, flow and the simplicity of being with your body that this reality does not endorse. In fact, this reality tries everything in its power to separate you from your body. It tortures you into seeking to win at following standards of beauty, weight, health and gender. And punishes you when you fail.

And yet, in spite of it all, haven’t you always known of a different possibility?

Is now the time for something totally different with your body?
Are you ready for more ease and peace with your body? 
Are you ready to discover the joy of being embodied on this planet at this powerful time?

If you desire this communion more than 9 trips to Starbucks (the price of this class), if you KNOW deep in your bones there’s more to your body than to suffer it, but you haven’t been able to get there on your own, come with us on a 3 week adventure of learning, playing and practicing a whole new beginning with your body!

This class runs 2-3 times/year. Click HERE to join the next one.