A Radical Act of Self-Love In The Midst of Fiery Emotions

by | Feb 18, 2024 | Empowerment, Human Design, Podcast | 0 comments

Do your fiery emotions seem to swirl you around and spit you out, especially the more HOT emotions like passion, desire and anger? Do you feel like a squeezed out rag flopped on the floor after crying your face off? Has the fire of your emotions succeeded in burning you up or burning you out?

When you’re at rock bottom… when you’ve got nothing left… do this one thing.

OPEN UP to receive instead of shutting down.

When you most want to shut down or close your heart to avoid the pain because your emotions are TOO MUCH… open up even more.


  • Breathe – take a couple of long, deep breaths… and repeat
  • Touch your body – connect by placing your hands on bod – ahhh that’s better, huh?
  • Let the earth hold you and support you – mama earth is here for you… let yourself sink into her… ahhh, that’s better, huh?
  • Bring to mind something or someone you’re grateful for and open your heart to let gratitude flow into you…. And when you’re full to overflowing, don’t be afraid to let that love and gratitude pour out of you and back into the world… It’s medicine for all of us.

Watch this week’s video and listen to how each of us at different times radically shifted our energy by doing the one thing: opening up when we were shut down and certain that nothing could possibly change. If we did it, so can you! Committing this radical act of opening up your heart and mind when you most want to do the opposite is self-love in action!

When living true to you gets hard, we’ve got your back,

Juna & Sabine

P.s. Here for the hard stuff, we’re ready to work with you if you are! Check out our Immersion Program where you get the change you’ve been waiting for with a couple of wise women at your side supporting you and your body with radionics, Human Design and our Synergy Magic for 3 months! Just know that what seems hard now is easier when you’ve got great support! You can do this!

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