One day was just kinda creepy and nothing flowed.

We drove repeatedly to several dead end spots, locking ourselves into interesting places where turning a 25′ trailer around was difficult.

One place was a canyon I wanted to visit. But on the drive, there were no signs, no apparent exits to take. We kept seeing Las Vegas-feel type signs for a zip lining place, but we weren’t in the mood for adrenaline hype. Where’s this f*ing canyon? We take a road that says “Canyon Road,” in the general whereabouts we think this place is and suddenly we both get the hit, let’s get out of here and fast. But fast with a 25 foot trailer on a narrow road, isn’t fast.

After lots of sweat and swearing, our relationship tested, we move on down the road. To our next disaster spot.

This one was a on a private lake that Sabine had looked up and seemed beautiful from the pictures.
When we got there, it too had this strange energy & the old woman cleaning floors in the office said there was a spot for us down by the lake. Sabine asked her if they had wi-fi and she surprisingly said “OH, YES!” And then she asked, “DID YOU SAY FLY REPELLANT? MY HEARING’S NOT SO GOOD.” Clue number 27 that this wasn’t going to work out either.

We walked down to the site she had available. It was in a muddy ditch by a pond (not a lake) and on the walk there, our dogs gulped down some fresh roadkill our eagle eyes had missed. That sealed the deal.
We’re outta here!
To our next disaster. Yup.

3 times in one day.

Next, we drove on to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park . . . a 30 km drive down a Peninsula.
We were already low on gas, no gas stations in sight, where it seemed all would be beautiful and great if we just found a spot for the night and left the next day.

However, we just weren’t sure.
Everything looked good, but we couldn’t shake this feeling, this awareness we were having all day.

We paid for a camping site, drove around twice, backed in and said “NO this isn’t working for either of us!” Then we turned around (again) and got our money back.

Then using logic (cute not bright) we figured, as long as we’re here in this beautiful spot, lets just take a drive and see what else is possible?
At this point our optimism was clouding our awareness BIG time, although we didn’t know it yet.

We drove all the way to the end of the peninsula and got stuck at another dead end where turning around was aggravating! And people are watching us turn this trailer around inch by inch in smothering heat and black flies with our relationship now sorely tested!

Sabine asks, once we’re righted, “Wanna explore some more?” “No, just get me outta here!”

What did we learn? To trust our awareness from the START (even if it wasn’t LOGICAL).

Our awareness had been to JUST DRIVE THROUGH this part of the countryside, yet we allowed bright shiny things and FOMO (fear of missing out) to lead rather than our awareness!

Well, I’m proud to say that we at least had enough awareness to make it with ease to the next gas station!


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