Hi! We’re Juna Guetter and Sabine Hildebrandt, Gypsies of Consciousness, dedicated to helping you bring all the parts of you together and get in motion.

We ignited our business, Synergy In Motion, in January of 2006 to help entrepreneurs, creatives and seekers connect to their passion, power and purpose through interactive workshops. We combined our loves of coaching and conscious dance to create some pretty amazing synergy in motion!

Since then, we’ve grown dynamically from being a local Canadian “mom and mom shop” to a global business offering online and in-person facilitation and training to curious clients in over 25 countries to date.

Of course, there’s a lot more to our unique story and if you’re interested, there are plenty ways to play with us on our magical gypsy ride!

Read our Blog to find inspiring stories with practical tips for living true to you. Or come to a Fireside Chat, our monthly online free LIVE Zoom.

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Oh so many ways to play!

When you discover your gifts and live more true-to-you, you become the synergy in motion that changes worlds.

Juna Guetter



Juna is a Healer, Mover and Connector of Possibilities. Notably, she’s been inspiring and facilitating individuals and groups for over 25 years in the fields of dance, conscious embodiment, and personal empowerment. Naturally, she invites you into greater joy, ease and communion with your body and your life.

Having studied and achieved professional status in various techniques including Reflexology, Psychotherapy, Education, Social Work, NLP, Landmark Education, Nia (Black Belt), EFT, Access Consciousness and Human Design, Juna is a catalyst that sparks people into their greatness.

Juna’s been to Austria, Germany, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Costa Rica, the US and Canada training people how to release stuck energies, and have more ease and joy with their bodies!

Furthermore, Juna is a dynamic force with the skills and kindness to facilitate with a gentle whisper. She invites you to explore uncharted territories feeling secure and confident.

Sabine Hildebrandt



Sabine is a Seer, Visionary and Creator of Possibilities, helping you discover your unique gifts. Skilled in the arts, healing, metaphysics, facilitating, gardening, photography, carpentry, web design, graphic design and business, she defies labels.

Over the past 25 years, Sabine’s affinity for adventure has led her on journeys with consciousness and community living where many wouldn’t dare to go. Consequently, her keen sense of curiosity has led to in-depth training with the Essenes; living and teaching in the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland; studying NLP; Facilitating the Transformation Game®, Transformation Therapy, and Access Consciousness®, among many other modalities.

Most noteworthy, Sabine is a presence of laser sharp awareness, wisdom, kindness and humour. Likewise, she’s the catalyst that allows you to see your situation from a different perspective and change it.

About You

Synergy In Motion YOU

Does this describe YOU?

You’re emerging into a gorgeous butterfly out of that tight chrysalis finally! You didn’t know you could fly, yet here you are soaring beyond your wildest dreams. And you’re still hungry for more!

What are your unique gifts to discover? We’re here to bring all the parts of you together (synergy) and inspire you to get in motion in your unique way!