activate your creative genius

Synergy In Motion’s

activate your creative Genius 

A Self-Study Course 

What is activate your creative Genius?

It’s a self-study course for curious dreamers like you… to help you discover and activate your unique gifts so you can live less stressed and more true to yourself in daily life.

Activate Your Creative Genius will return you to your roots and redirect your energy toward the ways of being you that make your heart sing.

If you’re not already living your passion, power and purpose, get ready for some magic! This course is about to reveal the Creative Genius in you… the creative, unique spark in you that you might not have known exists, but always hoped was there.

Is activate your creative Genius right for me?

If you enjoy self-reflection and creative self-expression,  this self-study course is for you!

Whether you’re a total newbie to all-things-Genius, or a long-time spiritual seeker, this course will help you live more in sync with your inner knowing. You’ll walk away with a deeper appreciation of yourself.

What do you get?

  • 70+ pages of wisdom, practical exercises, inspiration and space for journaling and doodling your insights
  • An accompanying email series to help keep you on track and inspire you along the way
  • Added videos, meditations and activations you can access online to support your learning and contemplation