Your Creative Genius lives in a realm beyond your rational, logical mind. If you are to activate your Genius, your mind needs to take a back seat.

One way of doing that is to dive into your imagination, your body and your creativity. Let yourself colour outside the lines for a moment or two!
When activating your Creative Genius, it’s all about surrender. It’s about getting out of the to do mindset and opening up to being fully present and turned on.

From this perspective, let yourself experience the next set of exercises with carefree abandon and childlike curiosity.
You might even surprise yourself with just how hungry you are for this exploration.

It all starts with giving yourself the permission to be wild and innocent again.

For the following exercises in this section, create a safe, quiet space where you are free from distractions (kids, pets, partners, phones). Have your pen and paper ready plus a space to move your body.