Your Creative Genius isn’t some hidden superpower in a land far, far away. It lives right inside of you.

The best guide to finding your Creative Genius is through your body, rather than your mind. For example, your body may feel light, spacious, alive and grooving, when you’re following what’s true for you.

Indeed, this body sense of your Genius has a unique-to-you quality. For some, this may be easily accessible and present as a sense of peace, satisfaction, success or freshness. For others, it may feel like a distant memory or a faint glow rather than a strong light within.

Just know that no matter where on this spectrum you find yourself, the bodily sense of your Creative Genius becomes stronger the more you live true to you.

The following exercises in this section are built to guide you into deepening your sense of what it’s like in your body to live true to you and your Creative Genius.

Reminder: this course requires kindness, love and patience. So, please be gentle with yourself!

Let’s get started!

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