Activate Your Creative Genius
Activate Your Creative Genius
Start your Creative adventure today


In our combined 100+ years of living on this beautiful blue planet, we’ve gathered several essential elements every Mage needs to know to begin living her Genius… and we put it in this Self Study Course.

Start your creative adventure today


What you get

A workbook that guides accompanies you in your discovery of your Creative Genius. This comes as an interactive pdf and printable pdf.

Meditations and Contemplations. The workbook has several links to online resources that will deepen your journey to yourself.

We will accompany you with a complementary email series cheering you on, inspiring you to keep on discovering more of your genius and maybe making you laugh every once in a while with examples from our own lives.
You can start whenever you are ready to begin playing with this course.

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Start your creative adventure today

Like you and us, this Workbook is different too. There are no sequential steps you must take in order to live a true-to-you, magical life. You can be there in an instant. And that instant may take years.

Yet these magical elements are like touch stones to help you gain access to knowing what’s true for you, and what’s not, so you can live the magic you’ve always known was possible, but couldn’t always access.


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The best way to use this Workbook? Read through in any order, do the exercises, listen to the meditations and allow the ENERGY of the elements to commune with your very being.

The biggest gift you can give yourself will be to lower any barriers, to relax and receive the meta messages and energies waiting to dance with you.

Let go of trying to figure this out, trying to understand and going to your mind for answers. Allow these elements to whisper in your dreams, wash through your body, tickle your creativity bones and awaken you to your magical difference.




Creative Genius