Activate Your Listening Skills

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This week’s theme has to do with listening (hexagram 13). We also started a new Quarter – The Quarter of Initiation which runs from Feb 2- May 3, 2023.

Isn’t it interesting that the first hexagram of the Quarter of Initiation begins with listening? What if listening was a key to beginning new things? We all know what happens when we don’t listen first and bulldoze our way in. Boy oh boy, can we ever create a mess!

There’s wisdom in listening before we begin… but how to listen best?

As a mentor of mine once said, “good communication is two parts listening to one part speaking.”

To guide you into the art of listening, here’s an excerpt from our Activate Your Creative Genius Self-Study Course

“The Art of Listening

Have you ever listened with all of your senses, your whole body, your mind and your heart? How did it feel when you did?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re listening to a person, an empty stage, a blank canvas, your business, your body or a hunch. When you listen with an open heart, without the need to confirm your point of view, it’s like opening a magical door which calls forth your Genius.

‘Listening is entirely different from hearing. Hearing refers to the acoustic absorption of auditory information, whereas listening is something that can only be done with your whole being.’ ~ Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

The challenge is that many of us have a habit of listening through an agenda… only hearing that which we want to hear and dismissing the rest. Furthermore, we are conditioned to seek and to provide answers, so much so, that we often forget to pause and listen.

The art of listening is to lay down your sword, rest your mental chatter, let go of your need to find an answer and release the pressure to come to a conclusion. Listening artfully requires us to slow down, to pause and to open up to the other with our entire being. This calls for a good dose of vulnerability and humility.

What is that person truly saying?
What’s the meta message underneath the story?
What is that person not saying that speaks louder than their words?

Listening very much has to do with the emotional environment within which we are having a conversation. The impact of our communication is felt through our bodies, our emotions and the energy, more than actual words.

Listening in a more open manner, being curious to know more about who you’re listening to, perceiving the energy and the timbre of the voice of the person who’s speaking… all of this is practice to help you listen to the voice of Genius within all things.

When a flower speaks its truth, when a child laughs, when the sky sends you an exclamation point at the end of a day, what’s the message?”

 Happy listening,

Juna & Sabine

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1 year ago

Hmmm… “Listen like a child, curious, present, ready for what is!” YES!