Addicted To Being Helpful?

by | Jan 28, 2024 | Human Design, Podcast | 1 comment

Do you consider yourself to be a “sensitive” person? Feeling others needs before they do?

Sometimes it feels overwhelming to be so sensitive. To be more specific, this week’s theme is about sensitivity to others’ needs for physical nurturance (food, shelter, hugs) as well as emotional and spiritual needs for support.

Being sensitive is such a beautiful human quality that allows you to care, to reach out and to help those in need.

Yet when “the need to be needed” motivates your interactions with family, friends and co-workers, this beautiful sensitivity can turn equally insensitive and unaware. If your motivation to help comes from your need to be accepted and not rejected, you can find yourself in sticky situations or give too much and feel burned out.

Here are a couple of questions for you to contemplate.

If you’re aware that someone in your close circle of friends/family needs something, can you pause, connect with yourself and be present without having to solve, fix or mend anything?



Are you willing to be uncomfortable perceiving someone in need or struggling without having to jump in right away and make it better for them?

Ouch, right?

If you’re coming from the addiction to being helpful, how could you be with someone else’s needs in a different way?

Do yourself (and them) a favour and observe any tendency in you to solve problems that are based on your need to be helpful and thus accepted, loved and supported. Then breathe, connect with your genius, and love yourself! Be prepared to be amazed at how LIFE itself works its magic, when you let go of your addiction to helping.

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