How bored are you?

Do you ever exaggerate the story of your life/day/weekend as a big hairy deal? Just so you can have something interesting to talk about with your friends or keep boredom at bay? In other words, do you have to make something sound more dramatic and problematic than it is in order to fit in or to entertain yourself?

What I’ve found is that having problems and solving them is like “fast food” for the addicted-to-fix-it soul.

It can be a rush, yet it is short-lived. In the long run, feeding off fast food energy is not sustainable. How it works is that you have to be on the look-out for problems in order to keep yourself busy solving them. And once you find a problem and solve it, it’s like cutting off the head of a Hydra from which 2 heads erupt off that, and then you have to cut off those 2 heads, and then 4 heads pop up for you to slice off and on and on it goes. Are you living for the drama of it or the joy and ease of it? Many people are living off the fast-food energy that problem-solving provides, not the ease they could be choosing.

Here are the 5 top reasons why most people are not choosing a problem-free life:

  • Because they have decided life is a BIG HAIRY DEAL (challenge with problems to solve)
  • Nobody else they know is having an ease-filled life (why should you?)
  • They believe they would lose all their friends and family (that they don’t like anyway) if they were too happy
  • They would have no reason to complain
  • Most likely they didn’t know it is as simple as choosing ease

Now imagine a totally different possibility that all starts with a choice.

  • Choose to enjoy your body right now, just the weigh it is
  • Choose to be happy whether you are in an intimate relationship or not
  • Choose to have peace with money, no matter the amount in your bank account

If you choose to be happy and peaceful rather than to struggle, you might become happy. You might even get happier than your friends and family. Perhaps that’s the real problem! Why? Because no one else you know is choosing happiness, ease and joy.

Why should you have ease when everybody else seems to be struggling?

What if that single thought is what’s been keeping you in the rat race of solving one problem, then having another two spring forth? Are you willing to challenge that thought? Is it true that living must always be accompanied with struggle and problems? Would you be willing to choose ease even when the world around you is having a hairy fit? Most people are not. Most people are not willing to receive that amount of judgment from others. (“Why is she so happy? It’s just not right!!!!) But what if you were willing to receive those judgments?

In the short term, it could be rather uncomfortable, but in the long run, what if more and more people chose ease and peace and joy? What kind of world could we be living in if we chose ease in the midst of a challenge? If we chose peace with money, rather than worry? What if more of us chose to lower our barriers and listen in the middle of a fight? Struggling and problem solving is what people on planet earth have been doing for millennia. Is it working? To reiterate, if more people chose happiness and peace, what world would that create?

In summary, when all you can see is a big hairy deal to be solved, just know, you’re also only a hair’s breadth away from choosing ease and happiness.  What do you choose? Could it be that easy?