Are You Willing To Risk Being Yourself In Relationships?

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Are you willing to speak your truth in love, be silent when the energy calls for it, and to be open to what the other has to say/do even if it’s different from what you wish for?

Or do you tip toe around, hiding aspects of yourself in order to keep the peace? This kind of behaviour may point to an unconscious background frequency that runs the show… and that is the fear of the end of the relationship.

This fear of the end of a relationship is akin to the fear of dying or of change, which is this week’s energy theme, based in hexagram 28, Great Exceeding. Great exceeding is a symbol that the roof is about to collapse and it is time to find somewhere else to go. There are times in most relationships where it feels very much like this and that your relationship… as you’ve known it… might end. How do you deal with this?

This fear of the end can make you hide aspects of yourself or it can make you do things that go against your true nature. However, when you move out of fear into awareness, you may be aware that your relationship will end/change or that your life will end/change at some point. This awareness can motivate you to live more fully as yourself, sure to experience all you can before time runs out!

To be honest, I’ve been seeing how I often tend to hide my truth in order to keep peace, especially in relationships with some family members. Getting married was one of those things I avoided as I didn’t want to make my mom and son uncomfortable. Coming out 18 years ago was one big whammy for them… getting married would be over the top, or so I thought. I was putting off getting married until my mom died so she wouldn’t have to be pained about it. But I was wrong. She was happy to be at the ceremony, as different as it was, and has fully embraced Sabine as another daughter.

This act of marriage brought up a lot of feelings for my son, however. He hasn’t embraced our marriage and feels convicted that marriage between women is wrong. It goes against his Christian beliefs and what he wants to teach his children. Me choosing to say YES to love in this way might have precipitated the end of our relationship as we’ve known it. As his mom, as hard as it is, I’m at the point where I’m willing to let him sit in his discomfort. Which pains me, yet I’m committed to living true to me, just as he is committed to living true to him and his values.

And this, my friend, hopefully gives you an example of what the fear of death or the fear of the end of a relationship can do to you. It shrinks you. It squeezes the life force out of you. It makes you do things that go against your principles. Sit with that for a moment.

On the other hand, tuning into the awareness that your relationships will end… that your life will end… can be a powerful motivator to living your life fully before time’s up!

Just know that living fully as yourself doesn’t have to “look like” anybody else’s version of that. It’s yours to discover. Some days living fully is you curled up with a good book. Other days it can be you contributing your wisdom and know-how to others in satisfying ways. Living fully doesn’t mean having to accomplish great things in the eyes of others… but it might! This is where following your personal strategy and authority comes in to guide your energy in ways that align with your true nature. Find out how to do this by booking a Human Design Foundation reading here.

The Great Exceeding… hexagram 28… just might move you this week to take a risky next step into surrendering to your true nature. Or it may scare you too much and you might choose to ‘keep the peace’ and to keep a low profile for now. Either is okay. Living fully and meaningfully as yourself is an ongoing journey that only you can take. Preparing for death or the unknown is a misleading phrase. What if your only “prep” was being awake and aware while listening to your inner guidance as to your next step… and going with that?

As this hexagram is pointing to endings and changes, we’re almost at the end of our 3 month series on Relationships. A new quarter of Mutation (Change) begins on November 6 and carries us through Christmas and most of January.

Before we move on to the next quarter, we invite you to contemplate your relationships. Is there any dynamic or quality you would like to explore or to embody in your close relationships? Now is the time to check in with yourself, meet whatever is left unsaid or undone and find out if you are willing to take the risk to ‘out’ yourself as being more of you. You can always go back through our videos and blogs. Use them as a resource for when your relationships undergo challenging times.

Live and love true to you,
Juna & Sabine

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