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October 2017

Shopping at Crapco For The “Less-Than” Life


3 life stories you might be listening to, telling and buying over and over again. I can’t afford it. I don’t have the time. I’m not feeling very well. These 3 excuses are available at Crapco and they go on sale often. Insider’s report: Once upon a time, you were uncomfortable. It was so awkward, painful and annoying. You looked around and no one you knew was [...]

Shopping at Crapco For The “Less-Than” Life2019-01-26T00:13:17+00:00

September 2017

Do You Admire Others More Than Yourself?


Do you have a HERO or HEROINE? Is there someone you admire? What are the qualities in them that you admire or aspire to be like?  Remember the 1980’s movie classic, When Harry Met Sally? Sally faked an orgasm in a restaurant and an older woman watching, said, “I’ll have what she’s having!”  A few years ago I met a delightful person who was “bright and shiny” [...]

Do You Admire Others More Than Yourself?2019-01-26T00:13:17+00:00

June 2017

Lessons for Living from Art School – Letting Your Creations Die


I went to art school way back in the 1980’s when I was pregnant with my second child. One of the classes I took was “Weaving.” My professor was renowned for her huge colourful weavings that hung in downtown banks and professional buildings. Her woven pieces were exquisite, breath-taking and one of a kind. Most disturbing, once the contract with the building was over, she destroyed her [...]

Lessons for Living from Art School – Letting Your Creations Die2019-01-12T22:15:41+00:00

March 2017

5 Steps to Happiness No Matter What!


Happiness. What’s so great about it? Growing up in Christianity, I believed happiness was a by-product of my right relationship with Jesus Christ. It wasn't something of value in and of itself.  Even the letters J-O-Y stood for always thinking of Jesus first, Others second and Yourself last. That was considered True JOY. When I was happy as a kid,  it was often tinged with guilt, because I was pretty sure [...]

5 Steps to Happiness No Matter What!2019-01-12T22:15:41+00:00

3 Little Words Your Partner is Waiting to Hear


Who is your most intimate partner in life? Who wakes up with you every morning and goes to bed with you every night? Who helps you take out the trash, cook, clean, dine, drive you around, dance and celebrate? Your body!!!! And what are those 3 little words that your most intimate partner is waiting to hear from you? THANK YOU, BODY! Perhaps because you’ve always had a [...]

3 Little Words Your Partner is Waiting to Hear2019-01-12T22:15:41+00:00

December 2016

My “aha!” About the Energetics of Business


I recently asked a superwoman-colleague how she's able to efficiently manage 100's of classes around the world? To be specific, she seems to have a knack to know when this seminar requires some attention...or that one needs a new hosting team, or another's dates need to change. Her super power sense knows when to make a tweak or there . . . and for 100's of classes [...]

My “aha!” About the Energetics of Business2019-01-12T22:15:41+00:00

The Power of Conscious Touch


An article by blogger James Webb, Existential Depression in Gifted Individuals, tugged at me when he spoke about breaking through the sense of isolation through touch. Just as infants need to be held and touched, those kids experiencing existential depression need it too. Many of us have heard of the failure to thrive syndrome with infants and their mothers. Similarly, my take on it is that bodies of all [...]

The Power of Conscious Touch2019-01-26T00:13:17+00:00

November 2016

Rampage of Gratitude!


When was the last time you went on a RAMPAGE … consciously? What if you were WILDLY AND UNCONTROLLABLY GRATEFUL for everything and everybody that showed up in every moment? What if you went on a rampage of gratitude? Above all letting nothing and nobody stop you from RECEIVING THE GIFT of every person, every challenge and every ordinary piece of life? Why is it a RAMPAGE? [...]

Rampage of Gratitude!2019-01-26T00:13:17+00:00

September 2016

How To Be Inconsistent And Successful


Have you ever felt bad about being inconsistent? Conversely, have you tried hard to be consistent? Perhaps in your workouts, your eating habits, your money habits or your work schedule? Maybe you've followed the self-help gurus out there that say that to be successful, you must “set your goals,” “focus on one thing at a time,” or “create a to-do list” and follow it? Seriously, has any [...]

How To Be Inconsistent And Successful2019-02-10T20:36:57+00:00

July 2016

Make Your Art


Yes you. Do that thing you enjoy making. Even if _____________ (insert fave excuse here). Because, you never know who, what, where, when and how it will impact someone. And that someone could be YOU! Once upon a time, I had the point of view that I couldn't create because someone else already probably made it.  I was also guilty of waiting to create before it was really great to [...]

Make Your Art2019-01-12T22:15:42+00:00
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