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Loving life and exploring the wonders of the world

Beyond the known into the beautiful, orgasmic, messy adventures of living!

Beyond the known into the beautiful, orgasmic, messy adventures of living! You can stop yourself by telling yourself "I know this already" or you can go beyond it into the unknown adventure of exploring what else you can learn or experience about it. Today's theme is all about the messy adventures of living with an open heart, open to intimacy with life, with people, your self, [...]

Creating Momentum, Rather Than Separation

Are you STOPPING your creations because someone else is already doing it? Or they're doing it better than you? What if, instead of stopping your creations, you stopped comparing and competing with others who are no match for you and your creative difference anyways? Just because others are doing what you’d like to do, doesn’t mean you should stop. Just because others are doing it better and [...]

Nurtured By Nature

What are your favorite spaces in nature to play? Oceans? Beaches? Woods? Meadows? Farms? Tropical forests? Mountains? The sky? Your backyard? We would love to hear from you! One of the qualities that makes nature so appealing is that it does not judge. It is simply there, doing its thing, growing leaves, fur or feathers, petals or wings. Being the best flower, or dog, or rock [...]

What if …?

you were unstoppable like this? We are at The beautiful Rainbow Falls in Northern Ontario....the power and drive of water cascading through these rocks makes us wonder....what would it be like to be unstoppable?


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