Beware The Cliff – Integrating the Weak and Scary Parts of Ourselves

by | Feb 25, 2024 | Creativity, Human Design, Podcast | 0 comments

Do you have some parts of yourself that you’d rather not acknowledge?
The part of you that feels insecure… the part that is jealous of others’ successes… the part that is waiting to be rejected… the part that wants to hold on for fear of losing? You name it, we’ve all got some!

‘Beware the cliff!’ is a phrase based on a story that Sabine tells in this week’s video. Yes, the cliff might represent something to steer clear of, but is that a good enough reason to avoid getting to know it and love it as part of the terrain?

This week’s theme has to do with friendship, family and community. All of our internal psychological parts could be considered as a community, as a kind of synergy that when two or more parts come together, they produce something greater than the sum of their parts.

Just because you can… what if you introduced a lesser known part of yourself, a part that has been judged for being weak, with a part of you that is stronger? For example, what if the part of you that fears rejection met a part of you that loves unconditionally? Or the part of you that’s hesitant met a part of you that’s confident in a particular area of expertise? What miracles and freedom might occur if these parts got to know each other and began to dance with each other’s gifts?

This week, when you meet a challenge or find yourself judging yourself for being “less than,” dig a little deeper and connect that part with a stronger, loving aspect of yourself and say “hi! Then pull that part into your heart and love it up… just because you can!

If you’d like to know more about how you’re uniquely designed… parts and all… book a Human Design Reading with Juna and deepen the inquiry today!

Live and love true to you,

Juna & Sabine

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