Beyond Seeking Pleasure and Avoiding Pain

by | Jan 7, 2024 | Health & Well Being, Human Design, Transformation | 4 comments

While we were relaxing, nurturing ourselves and celebrating the holidays, we also did a little peeking (into what would be fun to create in 2024) and tweaking (changing things up a bit).
This is how it came to be that our Weekly Energy Forecast & Contemplation changed into our Live True To You Podcast.

We’ll still be riffing on the timely wisdom of Human Design’s Rave Mandala, I’Ching, Gene Keys and Astrology as the basis of our podcast. However, going forward, our transmissions will be from a wider angle. You’ll see.

If you’d like to tune into the specific energy present in your week, you can always explore our library filled with past videos of timely wisdom for living true to you in everyday life. Check out the “Weekly Energy Forecasts and Contemplation” playlist on YouTube.

Well now, let’s get on with our message for the second week of 2024!

Are you someone who makes New Year’s Resolutions (even secretly in your mind)?

It’s so easy when you’re intending to ‘improve’ yourself or your life to be motivated by the constant search for something ‘better’ or the next ‘relief’ from something ‘bad.’ Whether that’s striving for bigger, better, more or craving your next sugar fix or avoiding being uncomfortable… it doesn’t have to be this way.

This week’s energy theme, based in Hexagram 54 of the I’Ching, highlights the drive and  ambition for something greater, but in the shadow aspect, can show up as greed or blind ambition. Indeed today and the coming week is a great time for coming up with your goals or dreams for the future… but we’ve found it works best when your motivation lives beyond the matrix of only striving for a better life or trying to avoid a worse one!

Here’s what we mean.

For example… wanting and getting bigger, better, faster or more… is often wonderful at first, but then the rush fades away and you’re left with wanting something else, then something else, and on and on it goes… never really satisfying that inner ache for communion.

Another example is trying to avoid the pain of looking at your growing credit card debts. This kind of avoidance and aloofness can be another way your mind tries to convince you that your “avoidance plan” is working for you, when it’s not.

Is there something other than seeking pleasure or avoiding pain to move through life in more satisfying ways?

Another more “kind to you” way to plan or dream for your future goals is to start by being present now. If you’ve been stuck between reward and punishment, seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, is now the time to change the beat of that old drum and start dancing to the rhythm of your essence that knows of something different?

If you’re up for the adventure of living true to you and you’re ready to ditch the addiction to the search for pleasure and the avoidance of pain as your only way, watch this week’s video!

Most importantly… remember to dance to your own beat and trust that living true to you in the present moment will help you navigate and embrace the rich symphony of your life in all its colours – the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful – leading you exactly to where you’ll need to be, what you need to do and the resources you will need.

Live true to you,
Juna & Sabine

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Danielle Guetter
Danielle Guetter
5 months ago

Great video! I LOVE the on the go emergency kit and working with Sabine and radionics!

5 months ago

Love the clean, new look. Refreshing as always!