Beyond the known into the beautiful, orgasmic, messy adventures of living!

You can stop yourself by telling yourself “I know this already” or you can go beyond it into the unknown adventure of exploring what else you can learn or experience about it.

Today’s theme is all about the messy adventures of living with an open heart, open to intimacy with life, with people, your self, your body in new ways!

One of the many gifts of this 35th hexagram is the notion that life is transitory and here to be tasted, engaged with in all it’s diversity.

It’s about experiencing the adventure of living in all it’s colours, textures and nuances. And today, in particular, learning through trial and error as you collaborate and interact with others.

Join us on day 3 of our contemplation inspired by the 35th hexagram of the I-Ching, through the lens of Gene Keys and Human Design and yours truly, Juna and Sabine!

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