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Working in the field of self empowerment for over 30 years and meeting with people from around the world, we get that everyone is on a unique path and has different ways of learning and growing. This is why we begin with a Discovery Session to find out what you would like to heal, change or accomplish regarding your life.

The success of our clients is based on the fact that we take you where you’re at right now and guide you in a way that works for you and your life. What do we guide you toward? Finding and living your gifts and your purpose as well as helping you let go of beliefs and habits that undermine these very gifts.

We honour your uniqueness. We’re here to hold space for you, to teach and to guide, when necessary, to support and cheer you on to finding and living more true to you and what you came here to do.

There are two ways of working with us. Individually OR in small groups.

Get clarity about what Human Design (with Juna), Radionics (with Sabine) Genius Immersion, orĀ  Genius Pods can open up for you, your life and your body.

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