Breaking the Cycle of Overwhelm

by | Apr 9, 2023 | Energy Forecast, Human Design, Initiation | 0 comments

What if more, better, faster, wasn’t actually more, better, faster… and self-improvement wasn’t always essential to living a happy life?

In this coming week (April 11) we are heading into the energy of Increase (hexagram 42), right in time for Spring to burst forth, inviting us to new adventures, stepping out and moving ahead. With such an intense energy it can be easy to forget that you can’t add much more to your life if your plate is already full!

Who is putting all that stuff on your plate?

As I’ve been decluttering our house, getting ready for new adventures (more on that soon), I’ve also been meeting a sense of overwhelm. My mind has been busy with thoughts of ‘we are never going to be ready,’ and all the ‘what if’s?’ My mind has been eager to ‘help’ me fill my plate with stories of all the ‘shoulds’ and adding some worry about the future and spicing it with some sense of urgency. These stories have had nothing to do with what was actually happening.

There is no real time pressure, there is no need to worry about the future and yet my mind has been overwhelmed. Hmmmmm. So I recently called a friend, had a cup of tea and did the opposite of stressing out! It worked. I made room for what actually felt right to do next. I could let myself feel the joy of anticipating the new and I could let myself be present with what was actually happening. Since then, I’ve had a lot more fun decluttering.

When the New, the energy of more, faster, better is knocking on your door, make sure you check in with yourself to listen. Is this knock on the door yours to answer or is it a story your mind is telling? And check in with your plate, what did you put on it? Are the ideas, feelings, relationships and things you are holding on to past their expiry date? How about letting those go so that you can make room for yourself, make room for the joy of riding the waves of Spring and the new magical adventures heading your way?

More, better, faster… while letting go, enjoying what is and drinking a cup of tea!

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