Can Conflict Enrich Your Relationship?

by | Sep 17, 2023 | Energy Forecast, Human Design, Relationships | 2 comments

After 3 weeks on the road living in tight spaces, we’ve decided…


Cue the confetti, cue the fanfare!!! We’re doing it! This series on relationships is working some magic in our lives and hearts for sure.

Even though we’ve loved each other and lived together 18 years and even though we’ve spent the last 3 weeks on the road living in tight spaces together, some of our best moments come from being in close quarters. But it’s not always easy!

In all the joy and preparation of our Celebration of Love, we’ve also been experiencing the energies of the current hexagram 6, which is all about conflict yet also the power of growth through conflict.

Oh, the stress that accompanies planning a wedding from idea to ceremony in just 4 weeks! A Canadian Thanksgiving Wedding sounded so do-able ‘round that awesome campfire a week ago!

At times each of us holds an opposing point of view on how something could or should get done. As we’re both powerful individuals with our own way of doing things, planning our own non-traditional wedding can be interesting! The dynamic that makes the preparations fun again is our determination to not let conflict get the better of us.

We have our little pow wows where we spew, breathe and look at eachother and remind ourselves what we truly desire and WHY we’re doing what we’re doing. Within moments, we can smile, breathe, love and get moving again with a stronger sense of what’s important to each of us and how we can creatively make it happen! It always turns out better than we could have imagined.

Facing conflict isn’t easy. What’s easier is to walk away, to shut up, to avoid, to equivocate or to make nice…. particularly if you don’t want to hurt the other person or get hurt or disappointed yourself. It can be difficult to listen to others who don’t think or see things the way that you do. It takes nerve to be able to allow those differences in others, but what it really takes is VULNERABILITY, that power to lower your barriers and open up your heart, even when you feel annoyed or believe that your way is being threatened.

So today, we’re taking our own advice that we wrote about last year during this same week’s energy theme about growth through friction.

If you can be with conflict in a different way… by not having to be right or to make the other wrong… you can bring a new possibility into existence. Talking it out between you, going through the discomfort of deeply listening to what’s true for them… and speaking what’s true for you without blame, is a diplomatic step you can take that can lead to peace.

It’s a powerful opportunity this week to let the friction of conflict enable growth by lowering your barriers and listening to “the other” when you most want to defend yourself. This is the art of conflict that leads to diplomacy and eventually, peace. As the saying goes… peace begins with me.

Live and love true to you,
Juna and Sabine

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Janice Wilhelm
Janice Wilhelm
8 months ago


8 months ago

Oh my Gosh!! Getting married!! I so wish I could be present!! Hope to see the photos and happenings!!