We’re currently living in a strange time where pretty much everybody has strong feelings, beliefs and opinions about vax, no vax, masks, or no masks.

Several clients and friends we’ve chatted with in the last few days have told us about their struggle with wanting to say something to those who don’t seem to understand what they believe to be the truth or at least best practice.

This week, (June 13-18) notice the urge to speak from all you’ve got going on in that powerful emotional field of yours. And then implement this handy acronym Sabine got from her most recent HeartMath training.

W.A.I.T. Why Am I Talking?

Use this mnemonic device to aid in being mindful while confronting the temptation to have to explain yourself (from your head). W.A.I.T. is about remembering to connect with your breath and heart first, and to speak from this space instead. instead.

What if your powerful emotions and unique insights weren’t for everyone? What if your passionate outpourings could be tempered with a little bit of non-doing, a dose of mindfulness before all that slips out of your mouth?

Do you really have to explain yourself? Now? To these people? Can they hear what you’re about to say? Are you speaking just to relieve the immense pressure built up inside of you? What other options are available? Listening might be a possibility. Or expressing yourself through writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal is another way.

In other words, you can always W.A.I.T. for emotional clarity on what it is that you can say that will make a powerful difference.

This week’s high potential, based in the Human Design system, is about speaking in an articulate way that brings change to the collective. And this speaking is best done when you’re in the mood to speak, when it feels right to do so. You can’t force change.

And who knows? When you’re in the mood, you might even find yourself writing poetry or whispering sweet nothings to your lover!

If you’d like help gaining clarity on what it is you’re here to say and to manifest in the world, book a free Discovery Session to see how Ignite Your Magic can guide you to do just that.

With so much love,
Juna & Sabine

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