Possibility Coaching

$175per Session
  • 45min
  • In Person OR Online – with
  • Juna Guetter OR
  • Sabine Hildebrandt

PLUS Coaching

$300one month
  • Intake Session (15min)
  • 1x Personalized Radionics Program
  • 1x 45min Coaching Session
  • One month balancing


$175one month
  • Intake Session (15min)
  • 1x Personalized Radionics Program
  • One month balancing
  • (radionics)


Whether you are looking for assistance with your body, be it relief from pain or allergies, help with increasing your energy and stamina or help with improving your life, relationships or business, radionics is a fascinating new possibility that just may be worth exploring.

Radionics is pain free, drug free, and sessions are done long distance (meaning you don’t have to travel to us).

More about Radionics HERE.

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In our combined 50+ years of coaching and facilitating hundreds of people around the globe, we have found that the number one problem most people encounter is that they are living at the effect of circumstances. For example, they’re living at the effect of other people, the environment, their bodies their work, their financial situation, and so much more.

In other words, most people live as though life is happening to them.

It’s like they’re creating their lives from a pretence that they’re powerless to change.

To sum it up, most folks are lacking a pragmatic set of TOOLS, the practical application of the tools (THE CRAFT) and the joy that fuels the creation of their lives as ART.

In our 1:1 Coaching Sessions, we equip you with The Tools (Busting the Matrix) we deliver The Craft (Putting your Knowing into Action), and we inspire you to put it all together so you can create your life as a masterpiece that works!

The Tools are WHAT you need to navigate and create your juicy living.

The Craft is HOW you use the tools in daily living, where the rubber meets the road.

The Art is WHO you are being which is the platform from which you can create your authentic life.