Conquering Your Fears of Tomorrow

by | May 21, 2023 | Civilization, Energy Forecast, Human Design | 3 comments

If you’ve been following our story, you know that we’ve been “planning” a journey into the unknown. We’ve been packing, dreaming and, as of this moment, wondering how it will unfold. And that’s very funny because it is already happening…but it’s not what we expected!

As I write this message, we are still in London waiting for our roof to be replaced, which has delayed our trip by a week or so. With this turn of events, now more than ever it’s essential that we stay true to us by living in the now. That’s all we can do! Stressing about when, why, or how our future will turn out just creates frustration.

So we turn to wisdom like this…

“A healed mind does not plan.” ~ a Course In Miracles

I don’t know about you, but reading this calms me down instantly, even though my unhealed mind claws at it and wants to know if it’s healed or not or why, or how, or when, or where this is so! Yet the part of my mind that is healing is the part that can breathe and relax, letting the mental chatter yap away while I keep still in my body’s deeper knowing.

And we turn to this week’s energy forecast all about being in the NOW…

The Chinese symbol for this week’s (May 21-26) energy forecast (hexagram 20) is that of an archway, with 4 broken yin lines at the bottom and 2 unbroken yang lines at the top. We can use this image to remind us that the “now” moment is that point where you step through the archway, with the past behind you (gone) and the future before you (not here yet).

So just for fun, whenever you step through a doorway this week, be mindful of leaving behind whatever you just came from. Let yourself be fully present in that gateway moment before you step into a future that’s not here yet.

A couple of mantras we like to use to remind us to be present are…
I am now
I am here now
Now is a good moment

Do you have any sayings, mantras or things you do that help bring you into the now? Please share in the comments section. We’d love to hear!

Surfing the eternal now,
Juna & Sabine

P.s. Is it possible to fear tomorrow if you’re totally present in the now? (something to ponder)

P.p.s. If saying mantras or meditation doesn’t work, you can always beat the wooden fish

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1 year ago

Beautiful meditation! Really helped me be more present (not an easy task). And, I’ll be paying attention to those “doorways” that I walk through.

1 year ago

Ah, those two yang lines of archway: a new roof!

1 year ago

I am still streaming today with bandwidth giving me a Little adventure of my own. I wanted you to know I love your work. I am hosting Glenna Rice for the foundation, in N. Idaho. And having gateway moments. Love you both!