Countdown to the Rave New Year

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Rave New Year

We are fast approaching the New Year and all that it entails. Since we live on a planet that depends on the sun, and we also orbit around that sun, you’ll come to see how relevant the movement of the sun and earth is to you and how it impacts your life, down to the nitty-gritty details.

Let’s take a look at these impactful planetary patterns from now until the New Year.

For example, this time of year, you might believe that it’s up to you to stop feeling pressured to get things done, or that feeling joyful is a by-product of something you do right. Or that being ambitious and setting goals in the New Year is something that society has put upon you.

Upon further look, these common notions may not have anything to do with societal norms, religion or culture at all. In fact, it may have everything to do with the sun and where it is in relation to you.

I’ve been diving deep into something called Human Design. It is through this body of work that I’m tuning into the depths and intricacies of what it is for us to live empowered and embodied as the unique beings we are designed to be. And that includes an awareness of the energy dynamics of the planets, sun, and earth, and their impact on us.

The Rave New Year begins on January 22 each year. It’s based on Human Design’s Rave Mandala, 64 gates/hexagrams of the I’Ching laid out in a progressive pattern and merged with the Western Astrology Wheel. We can see patterns of energy and information available to us each week throughout the year. No matter where you live, we are all impacted by this particular patterned sequence.

Let’s shine the light on the next few weeks, a truly auspicious time of year.

Let the Rave New Year Countdown begin!

In the titles below for each week, the bolded gate name refers to the sun gate, the “radiance,” and the gate in the light grey refers to the earth gate, the polarity or “grounding” energy to the sun.

Your weekly transit weather forecast.

*The exact times the sun enters a gate may be slightly different every year, so the dates that follow are approximate, yet follow this progressive cycle.

Week 5 (*December 25-30)
Gate 58 – The Joyous & Gate 52 – Stillness

Every Christmas the sun is in the 58th gate, The Joyous. This is about the love of life radiating and shining outward. And this joy and vitality is grounded through gate 52, Stillness, its polarity, the earth. This is a week to be joyful and lively as well as to ground yourself with stillness and to contemplate.

Week 4 (*December 31-January 5)
Gate 38 – Opposition
& Gate 39 – Provocation

Starting on New Year’s Eve, the sun enters gate 38, The Fighter, and its polarity gate 39, Provocation. There’s a lot of physical, adrenalized pressure to act, coming from these two root gates. And this tension happens every year! Think about it. The family fights, the break-ups, the drunken brawls right after a week of Joy and Stillness. Maybe not the best time to wind down the old year and start a new one!

Yet, it is also a great time to contemplate whether or not we’ve found purpose in the previous cycle. The energy of this week isn’t so much about making resolutions for the future as it is about looking back and taking stock. Did you find purpose and meaning(gate 38)? Gate 39 provokes to find the spirit. Did you find your spirit? Did those who you are in a relationship with have the right spirit for you?

Week 3 (*January 6-10)
Gate 54 – Ambition & Gate 53 – Beginnings/Development

Now this week is more supportive of having the ambition to begin new resolutions or goals, than the previous week. 

The ambition here is about looking forward. It’s about rising up the hierarchy of status and power, and the drive to be materially successful. And yet, this ambition can also be seen as mystical as it has much to do with transformation. This week, you may perceive the fuel and drive in your body to begin something new, whether mystical or material.

Here’s an example from recent US history:

The memorable storming of Capitol Hill in early 2021 occurred while the sun was in gate 54 Ambition and grounded by the pressure to start something new. And, wow, did we ever witness the blind ambition of the US President! He and all of America were looking to the future. Who are my allies? Who’s with me? Who’s against me? These and more are the questions of the 54 looking to rise up the hierarchy of power. But look at your own life too, for we are all impacted by this ambitious energy. Every. Single. Year. At this time. 

And it may also explain why our resoluteness lasts for about one week!

Week 2 (*January 11-16)
Gate 61
Mystery & Inner Truth & Gate 62 – Details & Opinions

This week is about Inner Truth, a week of musing on the mysteries. It’s now time to reassess in a detailed way. Did you find personal truth and meaning in what transpired in 2021? What were some of the things you learned for yourself, based on your Inner Truth? Talk it out or write your musings in a journal. If this feels more on point for winding down a year, maybe you’re on to something!

Take this week to ponder the mysteries and to put things in perspective before we move into a brand new beginning with the sun in Gate 41 on January 22. But before we get there… we come to an ending of sorts. Limitation.

Week 1 (*January 17-21)
Gate 60
Limitation & Gate 56 – Stimulation

From having pondered the mysteries, the sun moves into Gate 60, Limitation. Ra Uru Hu, founder of Human Design, says that limitation is all about letting go. Letting go of the need to know when change is going to happen.  Acceptance of limitation is the first step in transcendence.

For example, let’s say there’s an artist who is limited by having no inspiration. Just because this artist doesn’t have the inspiration (at the moment), doesn’t mean she can’t transcend the momentary lack and keep practicing her skills. Once she accepts that she is limited and rests in the void, she can trust that creativity is incubating in the stillness. And one day, the inspiration will come. And suddenly, she’ll have the power to create her art.  What personal limitations can you accept or even embrace? How could that help you transcend or to shift into a whole new realm of possibilities?

Gate 60 is grounded by the earth in Gate 56, The Wanderer. This is where we stop and reassess, perhaps telling stimulating stories about how we’ve managed to go beyond our limitations. These may be the tall tales we share with friends and family on the Eve of the Rave New Year!

And then on January 22, the sun enters
Gate 41
– Contraction and Decrease & Gate 31 – Influence

This is the limitation of resources that maximizes potential. It represents a pressure to do something new and fresh. Think about a woman in labour experiencing “contractions” as she bears down and limits her focus to one thing… getting this baby out! On the heels of contraction, a new life form is possible.

What are your fantasies and dreams? Where do they meet up with life experience? Take some time to recognize, focus, and feel your desire to experience something new. Whereas the sun in Gate 41 is about being pregnant with new possibilities, the earth in Gate 31, grounds these big dreams through experience and influence.

And there you have it, dear friends. A different way to ponder the energies moving through us, and the powers and potencies available, when we open up and surrender to the patterns. Accept the limitation that we are not in control, but are a part of a grand design. Once we accept this, we can truly transcend the limitations of this reality and creatively enter a whole new beginning.

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1 year ago


2 years ago

January 11 forecast is perfect timing for me! Yes, don’t wait to be inspired but keep your skill set honed for the moment of inspiration to strike. You’ll be ready!

Reply to  Penn
1 year ago

Still accurate, a year later!

Reply to  Penn
1 year ago

Still accurate, a year on!

Wanda Davis
Wanda Davis
2 years ago

Thank you for bringing these gates alive and showing me the possibilities of counting down to the Rave New Year.

Marguerite VanderSloot
Marguerite VanderSloot
2 years ago

Thank you! Love this clarity and possibilities, giving me the tools to deal with what I may think are impossibilities!

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