Before you begin

Before we begin…

This journal has four sections

Discover Your Creative Genius

Connect With Your Creative Genius

Activate Your Creative Genius

Live Your Creative Genius

Each section has exercises that you can do to bring your Genius to life in practical ways.

The exercises in each section guide you through some of the best of the best of our tried and true wisdom teachings that activate your Genius through the art of embodied contemplation.

In addition, we’ve spiced up some exercises with guided meditations and videos to accompany you along the way.

And of course…

Remember to PLAY

Be curious like a child, full of wonder and awe.

Even if you’ve done these types of exercises before…

… do them again. You are different now and stand to gain more awareness each time you do them.

Take your time. Let there be spaces in between the doings and let yourself be drawn in deeper toward your inner being.

Contemplation is different than doing

Go beyond your ordinary

Take these explorations beyond the point where you might usually stop. Instead, let your Creative Muses guide you into realms you’ve never explored before.

Regularly pause

Take three slow breaths and check in with yourself from time to time. Are you exploring your adventure (living true to you)? Or are you tapping into someone else’s expectations of you? By the end of breath number three, you’ll likely know the difference.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. 

~ Roald Dahl