We believe that each of us is born with a unique set of capacities, talents and ways of being in the world. We call this your Creative Genius.

Your Creative Genius is with you from birth and everyone has one. It gives you aim, meaning and purpose. Ancient traditions call it Diamon, Guardian Spirit, Second Soul or Divine Twin. Your Creative Genius is nothing that you can learn. It simply opens you up and pours out of you into the world.

With these inborn talents and treasures that guide and protect, you are well equipped to live your life as an epic, magical adventure. Are you connecting with that unique Genius that lights your way?

This Contemplative Self-study course is just the thing to help you wake up to that Creative Genius of yours! Indeed, these exercises, meditations and activations will help you get a deeper sense of WHO you truly are, not who you’ve judged yourself to be, or who you’ve strived to be, or what others have expected you to be. Trying to get you right for everybody else and forgetting who you truly are is a disaster of epic proportions.

If you haven’t gotten the message yet… you are precious and wonderfully made! Who are you that’s different from anyone else? That difference, dear friend, is your Creative Genius. And the world is hungry for your special brand of Genius.

“If we are to find creative ways of living together and healing both culture and nature, the awakening of individual genius may be the deepest, most imaginative way to approach the seemingly impossible tasks that face us all.”

~ Michael Meade

The more present you can be and fully embrace your Creative Genius, the more you can open the doors to your potency, your magic and your life as art.