Creating Momentum, Rather Than Separation

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Creativity, Inspiration, Relationships | 0 comments

Are you STOPPING your creations because someone else is already doing it?
Or they’re doing it better than you?
What if, instead of stopping your creations, you stopped comparing and competing with others who are no match for you and your creative difference anyways?

Just because others are doing what you’d like to do, doesn’t mean you should stop. Just because others are doing it better and more successfully, doesn’t mean you should quit.

If you could receive from your “frenemies” and their creations, rather than compete to claim superiority over them, or avoid being less than them, what would change?

Instead, what about admiring the greatness of your competitors?

Ask, “What’s great about her? What do I admire about him?”
But don’t stop there!
Allow their greatness and their creations to contribute to you energetically. Know that you’re a part of what makes them great too. Breathe THAT in!

Secondly, you can also ask yourself, What’s great about me? What am I doing well? Where am I successful and where could I learn and grow more? Where can I receive from others that would bring my creations into fruition with more ease?

Finding, then building on your strengths is a lot easier than tearing down your creations over and over again.

You’re not an island. You’re part of a greater creation where we all have parts and pieces to add to the entirety of it. Coming from the space of “we” rather than “me” will bust competition and add so much more to your creative living!

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