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Everything you need to get out of overwhelm, live true to you and your life’s work.

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We’re living in these same wild times as you. And we get that it can be overwhelming. Yet, there’s HOPE!

Now more than ever, it’s imperative to connect with your voice of truth within (your creative genius) that KNOWS.

It’s the ONLY honest, true, real thing you’ve got to be able to navigate uncharted waters. Yet so many dynamic, creative, loving people, like you, have lost touch with their knowing. They get confused by the voices of the collective mind – what they should and shouldn’t do, how they should or shouldn’t be, and so forth, especially in regards to running a business/creative project or even living in a way that’s true to them.

Is it time to tune out the chattering voices of the mind and tune into the voice of your truth within?

So, how do you best get to this knowing within and use it to navigate your life?
And how does it help you with the practical things, like generating income, creating meaningful connections with others and contributing your gifts in service to the world in wonderful ways?


Creative Genius Pods

Next online pod starts October 4, 2022







Creative Genius Pods are small groups of 6 people (plus the two of us) that engage intentionally over a 6 month period and help you to awaken your creative genius and implement it practically in your life, business or creative projects.

Are you seeking a community of like-hearted beings who have your back and encourage you in your next steps… even if you don’t know what those are… yet?

When you choose to work with us intentionally… the magic often begins right away!

Many of our clients report that the sheer act of signing up starts the ball rolling. They experience immediate shifts in their energy levels, openness to receiving, abundance, clarity and the oomph to live true to themselves. Their busy, anxious minds quiet down.

Our focus over 6 months

  1. Getting aligned with your life’s work, what you came here to learn, what deeply fulfills you and what keeps you healthy along the way. A.K.A. embracing your Creative Genius.
  2. Connecting this genius of yours with your business or project and developing a healthy, vital relationship with it.
  3. Guidance and encouragement as you take your project out for a spin into the world.

What’s in it for you?

  • Stop second guessing yourself and live with confidence
  • Start or take your business/life/creativity to the next level
  • Build a strong, aligned foundation upon which to grow your business, creative project and life that’s true to you
  • Address and transform what gets in the way of living your creative genius
  • Build on your strengths and embrace your uniqueness through knowing your specific Human Design
  • Learn the art of Timing – where and when to make the greatest impact
  • Get clarity & take action on your Next Steps in what it takes to live your genius in a changing world


  • Next Pod starts October 4, 2022
  • Class time 90 minutes
  • Three group Creative Genius classes per month
  • Three 1:1 Sessions with us in total
  • Human Design to help you access your unique genius
  • Radionics balancing
  • Accountability Buddies
  • Private access to our exclusive member library
  • All sessions are recorded and sent to you via email

This is a 6 month commitment

Investment in you

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