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Creative Genius Pods

What is a CREATIVE genius Pod?


A Creative Genius Pod is a 6-month group coaching program for Creatives and Entrepreneurs. In fact, it’s everything you need to express your Creative Genius through your life’s work, business or creative projects.

In this group coaching program, Juna and Sabine masterfully weave together the pragmatic wisdom teachings of Human Design plus their own synergy magic… to help you tap into your own brand of Genius.

Access your personal inner guidance system and trust yourself.

Make better choices in alignment with who you are, not what you (or others) expect you to be.

Get more peace, success and satisfaction from your life’s work and creative projects.

Is a creative genius pod right for me?

Are you looking to create your life, your business or a creative project that aligns with you who truly are?
Are you a Creative or Entrepreneur who wants to know…
  • what your life’s work is
  • what keeps you healthy
  • what fulfills you
  • how to stop sabotaging your success
  • how to trust your inner voice of truth
  • how to break through scarcity around money, time and talent
If you said “yes” to any or all the above, then Genius Pods are right for you.
If you’re looking for wise facilitation in a group setting, joining a pod is definitely for you.

What they're saying...



Since the CG pods, I’m a calmer person in business, I tackle challenges and conflict so much better. I’ve learned how to make decisions according to my strategy and authority, which gives so much relief. I’ve created boundaries around my energy expenditures and I’ve found MY voice again… that got lost through my recent divorce.

Dr. Laura B. - Ontario

Taking the CG Pods has enabled me to activate my internal radar system.
I feel much more in control of my life.
I am back in the driver’s seat of my life.

Brenda K. - Ontario

When I’m in a community like this, I love having the accountability of a partner in the group where we can bounce off each other what we’re doing and hold each other accountable to be creating whatever it is we want to be creating in our lives.

Kim M. - Ontario

I gained more confidence in my health and well-being and trust in myself. I’ve learned to be more aware and accepting of cycles, to rely and trust the timing of a cycle. I loved being with a group every week and staying at a positive mindset level, surrounding myself with other inspiring creatives!

Tanja R.M. - Ontario

How do Creative Genius Pods work?


♥  Three group classes per month (90 min each)

♥  Three private sessions included over the course of 6 months

♥  Human Design analysis and guidance to help you live your unique Genius capacities

♥  Radionics balancing to support your body, creative projects and/or business



♥ Accountability buddies & group text

♥ Text/phone access to the facilitators in-between classes

♥ Private access to an exclusive member library of videos, meditations, journal prompts and more

♥ All sessions are recorded 


  • Next Pod date TBA

  • 7pm-8:30pm ET 
  • Three group classes per month ~ 90 minutes each ~ for six months
  • Three 1:1 Sessions with us in total
  • Human Design to help you access your unique Genius
  • Radionics balancing
  • Accountability Buddies
  • Private access to an exclusive member library
  • All sessions are recorded and sent to you via email

This is a 6 month commitment.



Monthly Payments

6x $500 (+tax)



One easy payment

$3000 (no tax)



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