1. Week #1 

Listen online

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  1. The main thing for this next week is to get familiar with the Creative Genius Library and the Ignite Your Magic Library on our website. (5 min)
  2. Play with stepping into your Creative Genius in this meditation
  3. Also to put the Signal App on your phone so that we can communicate in our pod.
    This is where we can brag, celebrate, encourage, request, and inform. For the BIG news, Sabine and I will send emails, but for the everyday, we’ll use Signal. (2 min)
  4. Once you have your reading with Juna, go and read about your Human Design Type, Strategy, Authority, Signature and Not-Self Theme. (7 min)
  5. For the fun part.… awaken your sensuality, your body pleasure and open to your creative genius… not from your mind, but from the deliciousness of having a body! (hours and hours)

*** BONUS*** Journaling anyone? Check out the Wild Mind Writing exercise and write about your question “In the next month, what helps me find my creative genius?” Wild Mind Write about either the insight, setback or angel card that you picked. (10 min)