2. Heart Math &
   your HD Type & Strategy

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  1. On your phone, set yourself a timer to “ding” every 3 hours and when it chimes, breathe 3x deeply into your chest and connect to something you’re grateful for, something or someone that you love or appreciate.
    This is a way to bring you into heart/brain coherence and elevate your frequency.
    If every 3 hours is too much, set it to a timing that is at least 3x/day.
  2. Notice how you approach percolating, dreaming, around your creative project(s) business ideas.
    Are you trying to initiate when your strategy is “to respond” or “to wait for the invitation?”
    Are you trying to work hard and long hours like a generator, when your energy is designed to work and then rest? (Projectors/Manifestors)
  3. Get to know your Type & start following your Strategy. Read more about it HERE