9.  Deepening your exploration of your Life’s work and breaking patterns

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  1. Notice your addictive patterns and drop in a ‘pattern interrupt’ to change the pattern
  2. Keep a running list of “Life’s Work” ideas (remember that Life’s work is what you do when you come from a space of being aligned with who you truly are… so these ideas can be actual ‘jobs’ but think a little bigger.
    For example, we know a poet who’s been a poet her whole life, ever since she learned how to write. She’s published over 30 poetry books, written plays, etc. And when you know her, you’re know you’re conversing with a ‘poet.’ She IS a poet and she also happens to write poetry for her work.) Hope this gives you a better sense of what your “Life’s work” is all about. Think in archetypal terms!

    3. Make a video of the mid-way point of this course and send it to us
    In it answer the following and/or make up your own:
    1) What’s been most helpful to your process of finding your genius and living it?
    Have you been able to practically apply some of the teachings? If so, what difference is it making in your life? If not, what could help you apply the teachings?
    What are some of the highlights or take-aways you’ve gained in the first half of this course?