10.  What you are here to learn – Your Evolution

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  1. Make a list of your Top 10 Tools that help you re-connect instantly with your true self, your inner place of strength, when you’re in a tough situation. 
  2. Read through your Life’s Work and What You’re Here to Learn handouts. Look at the shadow levels, the gift level and the siddhic levels. Get to know these energies… they are a part of you that’s worth knowing inside out and all around.
  3. Start noticing the shadow level of your Evolution (What you’re here to learn). It often rears it’s head when you’re in a tough spot. Then reach for the gift and the siddhic level to move you through. Call upon the higher frequency of your gift and siddhi. Theory is that when you embrace this shadow, you can turn around a whole lotta shit in your life.

    If you need help remembering what this is, have a chat with your accountability partner and talk it over.

  4. Do some Wild Mind Writing about your shadow, gift and siddhi of your Evolution.
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