11. Grounding Your Genius with Commitment

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  1. Find that sweet spot of your Creative Genius – that sweet moment where you feel connected to your unique super-power self – take note of it as a body sensation if you can

  2. Wild Mind write about your Life’s Work/Evolution shadow, gift or siddhi

  3. To get it in your body, put on the music (or not – sometimes music can be a distraction) and pick the shadow word… move it through… then pick the gift word and move that out… then choose the siddhi and dance that one too!

  4. If you have not done so, make a video and send to Juna & Sabine for your half-way point in this course

  5. If you have not done so, book a 1:1 session with Juna to look at how your Profile can help you live your Genius

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