Dancing With Duality

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We’re entering a new quarter on this very day… which means that for the next 3 months, our focus over here at Synergy In Motion will revolve around the theme of relationship, specifically, living true to you in relationship with others and yourself.

The theme of this week (Aug 6-11), has to do with leadership and the roles you play when interacting with others.

Relationships are unavoidable. They exist because we live in duality. There is a “you” and a “me” and therefore a relationship and contrast exists between the two. You know there’s light because darkness is its contrast. Right and wrong, black and white, up and down are examples of duality. It’s the nature of living in a dual world that you can experience fear and conflict with “the other” AND/OR you can experience wonder and beauty of “the other.” During this quarter of Duality, we’ll attempt to cross the barriers of separateness and look at our need for “the other” through bonding and the mysteries of co-creation.

For starters, we begin with hexagram 7, all about leadership.

This week, pick one relationship that you’d like to focus on... who’s the leader and who’s the follower in that relationship? And notice when it changes because it often does. The most effective leaders follow by listening and being attentive to “the other” and thus lead through receptivity vs. power and control tactics.

Even if you don’t see yourself as a “leader,” you are one… from the thoughts you think to the energy you put out there in the world. Your thoughts, feelings and energy can guide others, in life enhancing directions or life reducing directions, whether you’re aware of it or not.

Please know we’re not encouraging you to be inauthentic or to be happy when you’re not, it’s about noticing the IMPACT you have on the energy around you and choosing HOW you relate to what’s going on around you.

Below is a list of 6 genetically based roles, traditional in scope, laid out by Human Design. These few roles, based in each of the 6 lines of the 7th hexagram, start with the Authoritarian and end up with the Administrator. Take a look and notice what leadership role(s) you usually play when relating to… your friends… your work… your thoughts… your emotions. What roles do your partner, friends or colleagues play and how does that influence how you relate?

Line 1 – Do you lead as an Authoritarian? Ie. what you say goes

Line 2 – Do you lead democratically? Ie. by serving the will of the majority

Line 3 – Do you lead through anarchy? Ie. by rejecting what doesn’t work to find out what does

Line 4 – Do you lead by abdicating? Ie.letting go of the reins when necessary

Line 5 – Do you lead by being The General? Ie. the ability to attract loyalty and lead in times of crisis

Line 6 – Do you lead as an Administrator? Ie. the ability to share and delegate

Obviously, relationships are a big topic, and one that we’re going to look at bit by bit over the next 3 months through the lens of each hexagram in this Quarter of Duality. For now, contemplate your leadership roles and how you dance with duality!

Dancing in duality and delight!
Juna & Sabine

P.s. Want to know how you are uniquely designed to lead? Book a Human Design Foundation Reading with Juna.

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