Desire Your Inner Fire

by | Feb 12, 2023 | Energy Forecast, Human Design, Initiation | 1 comment

Don’t know what it’s like for you, but these are some INTENSE times we’re living in!

And this week’s theme, The Clinging Fire, (Hexagram 30) is no exception.

This energetic theme brings a very powerful emotional wave fueled by the desire for a new experience. Valentine’s Day is coming up in this cycle and with this theme, you may consciously or unconsciously tune in to your desire for intimacy or to be admired or cared for by someone.

Yet this burning desire for a new experience, this fire within that gives birth to new life… opens up a new world… and we’re thirsty for destiny and hungry for change! All of this makes its appearance on the global stage and in our personal lives this coming week. What will you notice as the week unfolds (Feb 13 – 18)?

One thing to keep in mind… whenever you tap into a strong desire within, there’s often an underlying nervousness about what might or might not happen. Will I get what I want? What if I don’t get what I want?

What if desire isn’t about “getting what you want” as much as it is about opening up to what desire creates energetically in your body and soul? Whether it’s a desire to be free of suffering or a desire for a new relationship or a delicious meal, when you’re free of attachments to the outcome, you can let the fire of your desire keep burning brightly, guiding you on, no matter the outside circumstances. Are you willing to be vulnerable and dare to dream of a new experience? Let desire awaken your body!

When you can love through the dark times as much as the light, you’ve mastered the key to being able to be with your emotional ups and downs, your desires and the let-downs without attaching to them.

These past couple of weeks have brought us a personal tragedy that has us and our dear friends reeling… the sudden death of their 19 year old daughter via a car accident. Then a few days later, the global tragedy caused by the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, claiming the lives of 24,000 plus people.

How to deal with these INTENSE feelings of sadness, shock, horror and helplessness?

Keep on being present, keep on loving even more and open up to the intensity of fire which burns away darkness and moves you into the light.

Just as light changes from being absent (darkness) to being present (brightness), your feelings change through a wave-like pattern… from hope to pain and back again. Emotions are energy in-motion! When you dare to be present with the energy of your feelings, you don’t have to be stuck in despair… your feelings WILL change as long as you don’t believe your story about why you’re stuck.

When you can love in the midst of an emotional storm, or when you’re swept up in the rapture of ecstatic joy, or when you’re lying in a puddle of tears… you have accepted or maybe even embraced your emotionality that comes with the exquisite territory of getting to be human.

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1 year ago

Feeling the Fire! Thank you as ever! Full steam ahead.