Immersion – Lynn C.

Juna & Sabine, Several people have commented on how happy & well I’m looking . They’ve used terms such as ‘ the best we’ve ever seen you’. I want to share this with you because you were the catalyst for this change. As you know, I have done spiritual/ energy...

Immersion – Amy H

Thank you for being a space of love and contribution. Showing me possibilities and the ropes 😂 I may never fully realize all of the ways you’ve propped open a door to a new reality, but in my heart I know it, just as I’m now starting to know myself.

Immersion – Wanda

The coaching combo of Sabine and Juna helps you improve your life more than anything else that I’ve tried. I’ve experienced some incredible coaching from both of them using many different techniques including the ability to understand and express what my...

Immersion – Michele D.

Happy was not a word used often in the last few years but I feel a renewal of feeling happy. So welcome🙏💛

Immersion – Andrew

Whew! Thank you, Sabine. This coaching call today lifted a lot of weight that I’d been carrying for 10 years – that shame and guilt I carried for 10 years.