Tanja R.M. – pod

I gained more confidence in my health and well-being and trust in myself. I’ve learned to be more aware and accepting of cycles, to rely and trust the timing of a cycle. I loved being with a group every week and staying at a positive mindset level, surrounding myself...

Dr. Laura B. – pod

Since the CG pods, I’m a calmer person in business, I tackle challenges and conflict so much better. I’ve learned how to make decisions according to my strategy and authority, which gives so much relief. I’ve created boundaries around my energy expenditures and I’ve...

pod – Kim M.

When I’m in a community like this, I love having the accountability of a partner in the group where we can bounce off each other what we’re doing and hold each other accountable to be creating whatever it is we want to be creating in our lives.

pod – Brenda K

Taking the CG Pods has enabled me to activate my internal radar system. I feel much more in control of my life. I am back in the driver’s seat of my life.