Discover The Magical In The Mundane

by | Jan 8, 2023 | Energy Forecast, Human Design, Transformation | 2 comments

Have you ever wanted to live a more magical life?

This week’s energy theme has something to say about the magical and the mundane. Please listen/watch the energy forecast for more detailed information… and a kickass guided meditation!

We see so many spiritual seekers eager for more magic… and with that, a dismissing of the everyday work-a-day world, the mundane. Yet guess what? Magic LIVES in the mundane, so much so, that we often miss it. We can’t see the forest from the trees… we can’t sniff the magic right under our noses. Because that’s often how magic shows up. Unpretentious. Ordinary. Right smack dab in the middle of life!

For example, Sabine finds it in the boiling of water in the kettle, the temperature cooling to just the right point of blending with the tea leaves to make a fine tasting drink that nurtures body & soul on a cold day. I find it walking in harmony with our dog Kindra, a kind of nature’s bliss that combines movements of our 2 bodies in a sweet dance of life. There’s always something fresh or beautiful… a leaf, a bird, a person, a movement that brings the mystical into this everyday “chore” of walking the dog.

The weekly themes in this second half of this Quarter of Mutation bring a quality of physical, adrenalized pressure to your body, designed to be a fuel for transformation. Whatever it is in your life that hasn’t transformed yet and needs to, the planets and energies that be, are conspiring to give you that last nudge to help you transform on the mundane plane with the help of the magical.

Look around in your life. Are there any places where you’re excluding the transformative powers of the mystical? With your health, your finances, your relationships or in the daily to do’s?

How will you find the magic and let it help you transform the everyday into an adventure of fresh, new possibilities? We’re curious ;-) Make sure to let us know how and where you find some magic in the comments below!

Here’s a little pointer:

More than ever it’s imperative to listen to your own voice of truth within, to stay true to you and what you know, because YOU are the magic! Use this week’s energy theme of ambition (hexagram 54) to be ambitious in living true to you. Rise up the ladder of your own becoming. You have what it takes! We see you!

If you need a little help along the way to dive into your personal brand of magic, book a discovery call to find out if working with us is a fit for you.

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And this is by far not all,

Juna & Sabine

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1 year ago

Ah, the miracle of ordinary magic! Thank you!