Do you have a HERO or HEROINE?
Is there someone you admire?
What are the qualities in them that you admire or aspire to be like? 

Remember the 1980’s movie classic, When Harry Met Sally? Sally faked an orgasm in a restaurant and an older woman watching, said, “I’ll have what she’s having!”  A few years ago I met a delightful person who was “bright and shiny” and I wanted what she was having. At the time I couldn’t say for sure what that was,  but her very being was lit up from within. When I asked what she did for a living and she said, “I ask people questions,” I was immediately intrigued. “And you get paid for that?”  

As a result, a whole new world of questions and possibilities ignited within me!  

That spark of possibilities lit me up so much that I “jumped in” and took a class with her the next day. The class was called The Access Bars® and some of you know the rest of the story. The point here is that I desired the energies of what she was BEING. It wasn’t only that she was a good dancer, or that she had a great job, or that she made so much money, it was her very being that intrigued me. By Brenda being full-out Brenda, she invited me to be in the question about me and my life.


When you admire a quality in someone else, you also have that same quality. You can’t admire someone else if you don’t have that same aspect available to you. Most likely, it is impossible to have the eyes to see or the awareness to perceive that if you don’t have it yourself.  

So, that first day when I met Brenda, I was admiring her qualities and capacities I also had yet was unwilling to own and embody off the dance floor.

Can you describe those qualities? Or simply get the energy of them?
Confident. Beautiful. Kind. Strong. Sassy. Brilliant. Funny.
Yes, come on, you can do it!
And when you have a list of qualities, go through each one and acknowledge yourself for BEING the energy of each of those qualities too!
Even more, let it sink in.
Bask in receiving that you are this also!

I wonder what might happen if you changed your point of view, “I want what she’s having,” to  . . . “I’m so grateful that I am all of these qualities too! I wonder what else I’m capable of that I’ve never even considered?”

Are you aware of the GIFT you are by being you? Please stop trying to be someone you’re not.
The beauty of this planet is DIVERSITY, not conformity.

If you don’t know what your gifts are, find 5 people you admire and go through the exercise above again and start claiming and owning the gifts you be in the world. 

As a result, when you are being you with NO APOLOGIES and when you show up in all your COLOURS, even the different or weird ones, you start to BE an INVITATION for others to do the same. Furthermore, if people around you don’t choose to be that vulnerably themselves, at the very least, you get to enjoy you!!!

Above all, what if your DIFFERENCE and WEIRDNESS was a source of inspiration for others to be the difference they BE?

In other words, what if YOU are a SOMEONE that inspires others by simply being you?