Do you use pressure to motivate yourself?

by | Jul 9, 2023 | Civilization, Energy Forecast, Human Design | 0 comments

Motivating yourself by setting deadlines or making promises to yourself or others are some ways you might push yourself to do what you don’t want to do; to do what you want to do but haven’t done yet; OR to do what someone else wants you to do.

This pressure “to do” is up for all of us this week. The energy theme is about the pressure to begin, through the filter of hexagram 53, development/beginnings.

You begin things all the time. You get going every morning to start a new day. You might want to begin so many things. There are rooms to empty out, calls to make… all the things you’ve put off doing. You might even imagine what it would be like if you started and got them done… some day.

But setting deadlines and making promises (even to yourself) that you can’t keep, creates frustration, disappointment and bitterness when nothing gets done or even started. Pressuring yourself to do something might work as a temporary measure, but in the long run it robs you of your precious energy, time and health. And most importantly, it doesn’t honour YOUR energy system and how it is designed to work best.

This week’s energetic weather brings a deep pressure that you might feel in your body. It might make you so uncomfortable, you just want to start something in order to get rid of the pressure! However, just because there’s an energetic weather pressure system moving in, doesn’t mean you have to succumb to it.

Our message is simple. Live true to you… even in the midst of pressure. When you connect with the essence of who you are and follow your Inner Compass, you can witness the pressure building up inside of you rather than giving in to the pressure. If the pressure gets too intense, you can always dance or move your body or get outside in nature for a bit and connect with your Sacred Space within.

When you follow your unique inner guidance system, you can either use this pressure as fuel to begin something that’s correct for you or witness the pressure moving through you without having to DO anything about it.

Now that’s personal power! That’s a great example of not having to be at the effect of any kind of pressure, but learning to wait, then riding the wild stallion if it’s right for you.

Is there anything you want to begin? Are you willing to wait until you have a clear signal from your energy system (rather than your mind) that now is the time to begin… or not?

Pressure isn’t good or bad. The feeling of pressure in your body isn’t right or wrong. It’s just a sensation.

In the next week, notice if you feel pressure to start something, then check in with yourself. Are you responding to the pressure by initiating in order to alleviate the pressure? Are you starting something because it rings true for you and you’re utlizing the fuel that’s particularly available to you and your body this week? 

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