Embracing Provocation: Overcoming Obstacles for Transformation and Growth

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Last week’s energy theme had you hitting the pause button to find stillness. This week is about pushing buttons to help you overcome obstacles and find the spirit of what’s true for you no matter what.

There’s nothing like the recent wildfires in Canada, other forces of nature or any social/political/economic “fires” that can mess with “life as you know it.” It got us wondering if the things we have counted on in the past may no longer be something we can count on now or in the future. Whether it’s wildfires in nature or “wildfires” in your life, it gets you to look again, to reassess and to re-evaluate… and to contemplate how you can live true to you in the midst of big change and seeming obstacles.

Let’s see what this week’s energy theme has to say about this. Based on Hexagram 39, obstruction/provocation, with the symbol of water over mountain, you can find solace and strength as you learn how to be with obstacles and provocative energy.

Be like water over mountain.
The water that over time, can change the course of a road.
The water that over time, can bore a hole through rock.
The water, that refreshes, that washes, that bubbles and flows.
The water that ultimately loves and is a part of everything we are.   – Juna Guetter

Practically speaking, what you may notice this week are obstacles and how they provoke you. Likewise, you may be an obstacle in someone else’s world! You may be dealing with provocative people. How can you handle this? Do you give up? Do you push through?

The purpose of provocation is to seek the Spirit. The “provacateur” in you wants to find the Spirit (what is true about things) and will poke and prod and test and speak out… anything to find the abundance and greatness of Spirit it knows is out there.

People might get irritated with you… and you might get irritated by annoying people yet would you be willing to be the stone in the shoe that provokes someone or something outdated, outmoded? Of course, the right time and right place helps a lot!

You see, we need this provocative energy most desperately.

We need those who poke the bear. Humanity needs strong individuals who never give up and see possibilities that others don’t.

Change doesn’t come from the collective or the tribe holding on to the ways  we’ve always done it. Change comes from individuals who see things differently and who are willing to stand up, show up, and offer a new way (even though their lives may be at stake.)

It’s not easy being a pioneer and knowing what others don’t know yet, but this week, you have the sun’s power on your side to keep on keeping on.

Never give up your seeking of Spirit and what is true for you. You may annoy others. You may piss people off. But we need your voice, your knowing. Life itself needs your difference to further its evolution.

Be like water over mountain… the water that ultimately loves and is a part of everything.

Bubbling and flowing!
Juna & Sabine

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11 months ago

Flow, flower, round… and on. Just what is needed. Thank you!