Encounters of The Creative Kind

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As we’re wrapping up the Quarter of Duality/Relationship with hexagram 44 this past week, we had a chance to open up to a potential of tapping into a deep instinctive sense for people as we encounter them. There could have been a heightened sense of alertness/or not when you were meeting with people last week. Was there?

How could your relationships show up differently if there were no pre-conditions? Is it possible to be alert and aware of yourself and the other stripped naked of conditions, expectations and projections?

HOW we meet the other is the rich territory of hexagram 44. As Ra Uru Hu, founder of Human Design puts it, the 44th gate is about “the success of any interaction is based on the absence of pre-conditions.” We take this to mean that as much as you can, free yourself of any and all past conditions, projections or even hopes regarding interactions with people. When you do, you will find success in the interaction.

As we move from hexagram 44 to 1 on November 6, we shift our focus from The Quarter of Relationships (Duality) to The Quarter of Mutation. The dovetailing shift from Coming to Meet (44) to The Creative (1) is that when we bring our unique self-expression and creativity to an encounter with another being, THIS is what relating in its glory can be! Each person brings their unique self to the interaction and creates something fresh and different in the encounter! Encounters of the creative kind!

Hexagram 1, is THE most creative, yang (masculine, direct, active) energy of all the 64 hexagrams in the I’Ching. It opens the door to the Quarter of Mutation. Think of the #1 as the Big Bang! Creativity as a primal force. The energy potential to manifest inspiration without limitation. ~ Ra Uru Hu.

Look for this creative spark in your life this week (November 6-11). You may feel the urge to create in your own special timing, in your own special way. Remember that hexagram #2, The Receptive, THE most receptive or yin (feminine, yielding, open) energy of all the 64 hexagrams, is the GROUNDING polarity to the 1. So as you contemplate this week’s Creative Energy, don’t forget to notice that all creativity is birthed from receptivity.

Let us know how this moves you this week.

For me, Juna, when I tune in to my unique way of creating, tuning in to the receptive dynamic as well as the creative dynamic, this is what helps me be sensitive to timing, to place, to resources, to feeling as I move with my creative energy in an aligned way. When I don’t tap into my ground of receptivity, however, I can push an agenda because my ego gets in the way and needs to be influential and noticed, rather than creating independently of will.

What can it be for you this week as you tap into creative energy/or not?
What change does it bring?

Live and change true to you,
Juna & Sabine

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