Find Your Joy, Your Way

by | Dec 25, 2022 | Energy Forecast, Human Design, Transformation | 4 comments

What better theme of the week than that of  The Joyous? Energy which fuels the love of life.

Every year at this time, this powerful joyous energy arrives on December 25th. It’s like a life stream that shines through everybody on the planet this week (Dec 25-30). Joy/or not. Vitality/or not.

What’s so great about joy?
It feels good!
And it stimulates your immune system.

Feeling low on energy?
Relax and find the humour and lightness of life.
Watch a feel good movie.
Hang out with children or pets.
Do something that your body loves.
Find joy in the little things.

What brings you joy?
What is the energy of it in your body?
Is it bubbly or giddy?
Humming or peaceful?
How do you know when joy has kissed you?

If you find that you’re being NOT joyful and instead are more critical, you’re likely living a shadow aspect of the joyous. It’s a part of you that’s dissatisfied or nit-picky. Shadow aspects aren’t wrong, they just keep you simmering at a low vibe when you get stuck in them and forget to connect with your light.

For example, if you’re critical of the way your partner, family member, or co-worker is doing something, you might have an awareness that they could be doing it in a more efficient way… which, ultimately, can lead to making positive changes for growth! But when you stay in that energy of criticism, it’s hard to connect to your joy and the love you actually have for them. 

Caught up in a shadow aspect of Joy? The polarity partner of The Joyous is called Stillness. Taking some quiet time away from all the stimulation can bring you back home to yourself and the quiet joy within.

With untamed joy!
Juna & Sabine

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1 year ago

Joy and rejoyce in the blessing of the return of the light and the stillness of winter being. Blessings and may your turning of the seasons bring wonder and love to your lives!

1 year ago

And Joy in Stillness.