Fuel Your Dreams & Happy Rave New Year!

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Happy Rave* New Year!!!
It’s also the Lunar Chinese New Year and we’re heading into a new spin around the Human Design wheel!

It’s a time for dreaming and desire this coming week. What are your dreams and desires for the future? Take a few moments and jot them down.

This week’s energy theme (hexagram 41) helps you tune into the energy of desire… but not in the way you might think!

The title of the I’Ching’s hexagram 41, is decreasing or letting go. This is one of those classic paradoxes. Letting go often comes before the new (your dreams) can show up. You can’t fill a cup that’s already full.

This is a powerful time to let go of the lower frequencies to make room for what actually makes your heart sing.

Is it time for you to…

  • let go of the sense that you have to do it all by yourself?
  • let go of fear, anger, frustration and bitterness?
  • let go of the attachments to the outcome of your dreams?

You may wonder ‘how do i do that?’ It’s fairly simple yet not always easy. One way is to shift your focus.

Is it time for you to…

  • live true to you?
  • shift your focus towards what makes your heart laugh instead of what doesn’t
  • welcome more of the good stuff… fun, play, love, peace, satisfaction

“To decrease what is lower is to increase what is higher.”

So… about those dreams and desires, Sabine… can you tap into the energy and passion of them? What do your desires and dreams do for your mental state? For your body? For your emotions?

Diving into the energy of your dreams can bring you and your body into a higher frequency. In this case, it’s not as important to GET what you want as it is to raise your vibe through dreaming. When you are BEING this passionate dreamer, you automatically inspire others to live their dreams too. This is one of the gifts of the 41!

*Rave is a term which refers to the new human beings (some already here, but more to be born after 2027) who will not operate so much from the mind, but in fully conscious groups of 3-5 human beings living in close proximity to each other, according to the founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu.

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