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What is Immersion?


Immersion is a 3-month deep dive into breaking through to your next level of Genius. It’s everything you need for the personal breakthrough you’ve been hoping for. It’s 1:1 coaching. No more excuses. 

Break through to who you are and what you came here to do
Trust your inner voice of truth and wisdom
Love yourself

If you’re not already trusting yourself, loving yourself and moving in a direction that’s right for you, hold on, because all of that is about to change in these life-changing 3 months!

How do I know if this is for me?

If you prefer learning 1:1 rather than in groups, Immersion is for you.

Are you ready to clear sub-conscious blocks to success, peace and satisfaction? Through this Immersion,  you’ll break through to the true you and trust your inner guidance to live a satisfying life.

If you’ve been feeling stuck or on the brink of BIG change, but don’t know how to move through it, you’ll walk away with the breakthrough you’ve been hoping for… PLUS a spiritual tool kit, based in your Human Design, that helps you make choices in alignment with your deepest knowing… thus creating more peace, success and satisfaction in your body and your life.

P.S. This is NOT a “do-it-our-way” program.

What they’re saying…



I popped on here to say how grateful I am to have had you both along for this incredible and wild ride….Your energy of contribution has been an inspiration, fuel and encouragement on this journey of remembrance and awakening. You’ve been a harbour when the storm has felt harsh and also a mountain to look out from when the wind has settled. I am truly excited and you’ve been part of me looking upon life with fresh eyes. Thank you.

Amy H. - Ontario

The coaching combo of Sabine and Juna helps you improve your life more than anything else that I’ve tried. I’ve experienced some incredible coaching from both of them using many different techniques including the ability to understand and express what my goals are and body work. As coaches they are available for constant communication to help with all the steps along the way. My health has improved, personal and spiritual understanding of self has increased and my business goals are successful. Thank you!

Wanda D. - Ontario

Happy was not a word used often in the last few years but I feel a renewal of feeling happy. So welcome🙏💛

MD - Ontario

Thank you, Sabine.
This coaching call today lifted a lot of weight that I’d been carrying for 10 years – that shame and guilt I carried for 10 years.

Andrew R. - USA

Juna & Sabine,
Several people have commented on how happy & well I’m looking . They’ve used terms such as ‘ the best we’ve ever seen you’. I want to share this with you because you were the catalyst for this change. As you know, I have done spiritual/ energy work for many years & meeting with you seemed to bring that all together… One of the most important things for me was when you told me, at the beginning of our work, that you had my back & then demonstrated that with your actions. I never felt that anyone really had my back before. I was ready for you!
Thank you again 🤗 ❤️

Lynn C. - Ontario

Thank you for being a space of love and contribution. Showing me possibilities and the ropes 😂
I may never fully realize all of the ways you’ve propped open a door to a new reality, but in my heart I know it, just as I’m now starting to know myself.

LD - Ontario

What do you get?


♥  Two loving, seasoned facilitators having your back as you journey home to yourself

♥  Weekly 1:1 sessions

♥  Human Design analysis and consultations with Juna

♥  Radionics for your life and body with Sabine



♥ Text/phone access to Juna and Sabine in-between sessions

♥ Private access to an exclusive member library of practical resources, videos, meditations, etc.

♥ A 70+ page workbook

♥ All sessions are recorded

To get started, please Book a Discovery Call to see if this is a fit for you.

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