Our last night on our trip around Lake Superior.

Pulled into a sweet spot for the night. Our dogs had been champs when it came to our neighbour’s little dog that loved barking at them all the time. We mused on how far they’ve come along on these 2 weeks being able to be with other dogs, running kids & loud motors. GOOD DOGGIES!

After a long day of driving, we took our dogs on an evening bike ride adventure to the Lake, on a boardwalk surrounding a large pond – a birder’s paradise. We’re loving how active we’ve been on this trip! Biking & hiking. What would it take for more?

Nestling into our beautiful Airstream trailer, aptly called a Serenity, we reflected on our amazing journey traveling around Lake Superior, which took us through 1 Province 2 countries and 3 States, through rivers, lakes, rocks and beaches. We’re beginning the exploration of how working and living on the road is for us.

How did we get so lucky? I wonder what else is possible to create that we’ve never even considered?


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