Got too much on your plate?

by | Jan 21, 2024 | Creative Genius, Podcast | 0 comments

In honour of the Human Design New Year, January 22, we’re celebrating new beginnings! If your New Year’s resolutions have landed in the pile of good intentions with little to no action so far… the good news is… you get a second chance to start again!

Over the last week, several people let us know that they can’t possibly add anything new to their full plate. Well, that may be true. If your plate is full, you can’t add anything new. All those beautiful New Year’s resolutions and dreams for your future have quickly become a burden on your already “too full” plate. (sigh)

In light of this dynamic, here’s a powerful  question to ask yourself: Is everything on my plate serving me? If not, what can you let go of to make room for what truly nurtures you?

This week’s energy theme highlights the time for new beginnings. A time to dream and tap into your desires. What do you long for? Get the energy of it and let it fuel your passion and desire. Your feelings and big dreams can move you and your body into a higher frequency that helps you let go of whatever doesn’t serve you and your growth in 2024.

Hexagram 41, that comes ‘on-line’ at the start of the Rave New Year is called “decrease” and is about emptying out the old and opening up to something new.

What in your life needs to go?
Do you have outdated ways of doing things?
Emotional patterns or beliefs that don’t serve you anymore?
Things that weigh you down?
Relationships that don’t work for you?
How will you lighten your load, declutter and make room for new possibilities?

When you let your dreams fuel your new beginnings, whatever doesn’t serve you may simply fall away!

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